Pursuant to TransCo Circular No. 2022-006, all personnel, regardless of position, rank, or employment status are required to use and adopt gender-fair and/or non-sexist language in preparing letters, memorandums, and other issuances to promote gender sensitivity and intensify the corporations gender mainstreaming efforts.

The said circular also strictly prohibits the use of implicit and discriminatory language in whatever form, against any sex and gender. 

In compliance with the Transco Code of Conduct and CSC Memorandum Circular No. 11, s. 2021 (Amendment to the Sexual Harassment Provisions in the 2011 Revised Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service), Memorandum Order No. 2022-003 was enacted to designate employees to constitute the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI) to investigate and address complaints of sexual harassment.

The CODI shall perform the following functions:

  1. Receive complaints of sexual harassment;
  2. Investigate sexual harassment complaints including preliminary investigation in accordance with the prescribed procedure.
  3. Within ten (10) days from the termination of the conduct of the investigation, submit a report of its findings with the corresponding recommendation to the President and CEO for decision.
  4. Ensure the protection of the complainant from retaliation and guarantee confidentiality to the greatest extent possible as well as ensure that the respondent is given the opportunity to be properly notified of and respond to the charge/s and that parties are given information on the hearings and its outcomes; and
  5. Lead in the conduct of discussion about sexual harassment within Transco to increase understanding and prevent incidents of sexual harassment.

The CODI shall guarantee gender-sensitive handling of cases, and confidentiality of the identity of the parties and the proceedings to the greatest extent possible.

On 4 January 2022, Circular No. 2022-001 was issued to provide rules and regulations on the assignment of responsibility Cost Center for the Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) in the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo).

Pursuant to the said Circular, the Chairperson of the GFPS Executive Committee created under Memorandum Order No. 2020-034 is hereby designated as accountable person for the following activities:

  1. Monitoring and reporting of GAD expenses and GAD-related financial transactions pursuant to COA Circular No. 2021-008.
  2. Direct supervision over all personnel assigned under the GAD RMC, including those under Contract of Service (COS) and manpower service provider.
  3. Provide direction on the implementation of GAD Plans and Programs and ensure compliance to the requirements of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).

On 3 March 2022, the following were added to the accountability of Chairperson of the GFPS Executive Committee was mandated under Circular No. 2022-004:

  1. Signing and approval of the following documents:
  • Procurement Requisitions (PRs) related to Gender and Development (GAD) Plans and Programs;
  • Disbursement Vouchers for GAD-related expenses;
  • Payroll, duties and responsibilities, time records, accomplishment reports, and other administrative documents, as applicable, for Contract of Service (COS) and Institutional COS personnel assigned to the GAD Cost Center;
  • Travel Orders and other travel-related documents of GAD personnel; and
  • All other documents needing the signature/approval for the GAD Cost Center.

Pursuant to Memorandum Order No. 2020-058, TransCo Men Opposed to Violence Against Women (VAW) Everywhere (MOVE) Chapter was created.

The primary purpose of the chapter is to institutionalize and to suport the national quest for a VAW-free Philippines by integrating it in TransCo’s Gender Development Programs. TransCo’s MOVE chapter shall commit the following:

      1.       To be an active instrumemt in encouraging men to commit themselves to be actively involved in the elimination of VAW as well as not to commit, condone nor remain silent in the face of VAW;

      2.       To formally assemble pro-active and principled men into an organization to speak out against VAW;

      3.       To examine, propose and formulate actions for total male participation in the elimination of VAW;

      4.       To form partnership and linkages with similar groups working against VAW, both in the local and international communities;

      5.       To conduct research, studies adn fora in recognition of the social impact of VAW for policy and program coordination and development; and

      6.       To establish resource network on VAW to foster stronger and more active fellowship and comradeship among its member.

Officers of TransCo MOVE Chapter officially took their oath on 29 March March 2021, the same day the chapter was registered with National President of MOVE Philippines, Incorporated Mr. Reynaldo G. De Guia.

Pursuant to National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) Memorandum Order No. 2020-034 and Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) Memorandum Circular No. 2011-01, Transco Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) is reconstituted in order to clarify its roles and responsibilities, composition and structure to enable it to function as a mechanism for catalyzing and accelerating gender mainstreaming in Transco towards the promotion of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.